Monday, April 11, 2016

Is Juicing Healthy

What are the Benefits of Juicing

You will get several health benefits from implementing a good juicing plan. In addition to helping you lose a few pounds, juicing will also energize you and put you on optimal health. Of course having the right juicer is a necessity when juicing an a cold press juicer is the best juicer you can get. Listed here are extra benefits of juicing.

Benefits of Juicing

1. Detoxification

Juicing helps with detoxifying the body. Your body’s digestion system could apparently be weakened following many years of consuming junk foods and other chemicals. Considering that most home made juices are made from vegetables and fruits, they possess nutrients which can fight toxins that have accumulated in your body. Besides juicing helping in detoxification, it also helps you eat the right amount of vegetables and fiber.

2. Weight loss

Juicing works well for reducing excess weight. Homemade juices possess very few calories and no fat at all. Apparently, consumption of calories and fats results in excess weight gain as time passes. Should you be currently on a weight loss program, embracing juicing as part of your diet can effectively enable you to shed off excess weight. Juicing can further keep your stomach full, as a result, helping you regulate your eating habits.

3. Extra energy

Drinking up to 6 to 8 servings of vegetable or fruit juice on a daily basis can give you mode energy. Vegetable and fruit juices possess an abundance of nutrients which help  when it comes strengthening your body’s immune system and giving much more energy.

4. Optimal digestion

Juicing helps your digestion system take full advantage of the fiber and nutrients present in fruits and vegetables. Due to the fact our bodies have been ruined by the harmful foods we eat, we have a less than optimal intake and digestion of nutrients. Juicing can help correct this anomaly. This also helps in countering the harmful effects of the various chemicals and toxins which have accumulated in our bodies.

5. Other benefits

Besides the above three advantages, there are also other advantages of juicing. Juicing is time saving since you don’t have to take a lot of time making your favorite juice. Diversity of nutrients is also an additional benefit linked to juicing. You may be on a routine where you eat the same kinds of foods daily. This will make it more likely that you suffer from nutrient deficiency. But if you embrace juicing in your life, you can consume numerous types of nutrients. People say that juicing can reduce the risk of getting cancer and also boost your immune system.

More Facts about Juicing

The downsides

It is possible that juicing is no more healthier than eating whole vegetables and fruits. Juicing is simply a process of removing the juice from fruits and vegetables, the resulting juices have a lot of minerals, vitamins and plant chemicals (phytonutrients). However, fresh vegetables and fruits contain healthier fibers that happen to be lost after juices are extracted from them.

Calorie count

It is wise to consider the amount of sugars and calories in any kind of food. As an example, a medium sized piece of fruit has something like 60 calories. Similarly, one cup of vegetables has about 25 calories. There are 25 calories in 3 cups of green leafy vegetables. Fresh juice has about 60 calories per 4 ounce serving. These calories add up. If you happen to be consuming 4 fruits every day, these calories will add up.. Vegetable juice has fewer calories.

Food safety

Here are some food safety guidelines that you should be keen on following while juicing.

Always clean your hands before touching fruit and veggies
Thoroughly clean the fruit and veggies before extracting juices from them.
In order to clean your blender or juicer, always clean it using hot and soapy water.
If the blender is dishwasher safe, make use of the dishwasher’s sanitize cycle.
You should never keep your vegetables or fruit juice for over a week. It is always beneficial to eat your juice just the same day you have made it.

Health claims

You can read vast unsubstantiated claims about fruit and vegetable juice online. For instance, fruit and vegetable lovers insist that juicing can effectively lessen ones risk of getting cancer. While it might be true that eating a plant-based meal could reduce the risk of getting heart diseases and cancer, there is not any scientific evidence supporting the claim.

Though a few scientific findings have established that juicing improves on the body’s immune system, immunity may also be improved by other plant-based products besides juices. There are followers of juicing who further insist that juicing is much much better than eating whole fruit and veggies. This is because your body can absorb the nutrients in juices much better than nutrients from whole fruit and veggies. Juicing can also help your digestive system take a break from digesting fruit or vegetable fiber.