Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Avanti Wine Coolers

 Wine Cooler Review

Wine can be a great drink to have with dinner, after dinner and even in more social situations. it is easy to find at least one wine you like with the blends of natural flavors and wide variety of wines to choose from.

Due to the reported benefits of drinking wine, wine drinking has been on the rise and so has people bringing wine home for special occasions and such.

Choosing a good, quality wine cooler is essential for properly storing all of your wine. Using an Avanti wine cooler is the perfect choice for serious wine collectors.

Are you beginning your very own wine collection? Becoming an expert in the art of winery? An Avanti wine cooler is the best choice for your wine collecting needs.

An Avanti wine cooler has a model to fit all your needs, from a wine cooler more for your social needs to a wine cooler for long-term storage.

There are several concepts to take into consideration when purchasing a wine cooler. Firstly, you should think about the size of the cooler you will require. No matter what the size of your current wine collection is, it has been suggested that when buying a wine cooler you purchase one that will fit double what you have now. This is because your wine collection will inevitably grow, as by definition, you will be collecting wine bottles.

The second thing you should consider is the material your wine cooler is made out of. Choosing a plastic wine cooler will mean that it will not be as insulated as is necessary; a wine cooler with an aluminum interior is a far better choice since aluminum conducts heat and cool much better than plastic.

You must also remember it is important to be able to control the humidity and temperature of the wine's environment. It is suggested that you keep your collection at 55 degrees Fahrenheit and right between 50-70% humidity. This will allow for the wine to taste it's best. Due to the fact that you need to be able to keep control of your wine's environment it is suggested to have a wine cooler with a solid door. Yes, glass doors will show off your pretty wine bottles, but you want more that a bottle that is pleasing to the eye, right? Glass doors allow for less insulation, and therefore, lower quality storage.

Wine collectors agree that an Avanti wine cooler offers great performance when it comes to wine coolers. An Avanti wine cooler offers not only superior performance but is sleek and stylish at the same time. You can also purchase an Avanti wine cooler that will fit under the counter, allowing for optimum space utilization, while still keeping your wine collection close at hand and ready to enjoy.

Avanti understands the problems with glass doors, so they have specially modified the glass doors on their wine coolers to not only provide better insulation, but also to filter out UV rays that might attempt to heat your wine. With an easy to use digital thermostat and control panel an Avanti wine cooler makes it perfect for every wine collector to properly store their collection.

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